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Sue Butler  The Macquarie Dictionary, Editor

Natalie has always drawn admiration and respect for her creativity. She is able to go from an inspired starting point and then attend to all the detailed requirements—while maintaining a calm and helpful attitude. Her design concepts are always original and yet somehow classic, a combination needed for a dictionary that tries to present itself as a beautiful book, not just a dull reference, and as a book that is an icon of Australian culture. Natalie has had that icon in her care for many years and we have never been disappointed.

Derek McDonnell Hordern House (rare-book dealer and publisher), owner

I have known and worked with Natalie for over 15 years and we have used her skills on very many projects, great and small. We have always known we were right to have complete faith in her abilities, and a good sign of that is how frequently we were surprised—in the best sense—by the results she was able to coax out of sometimes quite ordinary design requests.

Natalie has a brilliant sense of novelty in design which she combines with a long experience of print design and a very strong aesthetic sense. I can think of dozens of jobs where she has come up with a new angle that we had never considered—such as her brilliant idea for a series of postcards in concertina fold to advertise the books we were publishing on world exploration. I still smile with pleasure when I see it at our table at work, and it is still being used ten years from the first iteration of it.

Kathryn Lamberton Bridging the Gap (publishing and marketing), owner

Natalie is a true professional. She has excellent communication and time-management skills; gets on well with people; has a superb design and colour sense; stays cool and delivers under pressure and on time; and works with clients to achieve the best outcome for them. She is unique amongst the designers I have worked with in being flexible. Natalie is my go-to designer.

Ann Beaumont Harper’s Mansion, Vice Chair

From the outset Natalie understood our brief and executed it in a creative and professional manner. Nothing was too much trouble and she turned work around very quickly. She has a very keen and precise eye, ensuring great accuracy in anything she designs.

I found Natalie to be the most proficient and professional graphic designer I have ever worked with and highly recommend her services. She impressed me with her strong work ethic and her ability to manage all her commitments as a sole operator.

Belinda Henwood Rent-a-Writer, owner

I have relied on Natalie’s excellent design, computer and production skills throughout our collaborations and have always had the utmost confidence that she will deliver on time and without fuss. Her design and layout capabilities always exceed my expectations, she communicates effectively with both colleagues and clients, and she brings enthusiasm, energy and a fresh eye to projects.

Antill Gilligan

Working Flowers

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Holly Campbell  Antill Gilligan, owner

Natalie is quite simply a delight to work with. Professional, highly skilled and a stickler for detail, I know my job is in safe hands when I call on her. Natalie brings a genuine passion to each new project and you get the impression she is personally invested in every job she does. I’ve come with fixed briefs and totally open ones and in all cases the process is a joy, with a lot of laughs along the way. She offers creative insights if asked, often considers issues that have been overlooked, is never pushy and there’s never any awkward client-contractor tensions. A great work ethic, honest, deeply experienced and always fun to work with, Natalie goes the extra mile and delivers on time, on budget and always above expectations.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely!

Roz Walker Working Flowers, owner

I approached Natalie  because I needed help with publishing my books. She has been there every step of the way with her professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry, with a commitment to produce the very best results.

I found working with Natalie very reassuring as I realised she was just as concerned about the quality and accuracy of my work as she was about her own. Natalie worked very hard to keep the costs for us down, produced books we were very happy with and  was a pleasure to work with. I could not recommend her more highly.

Amanda Mackevicius author/editor

I have worked with Natalie on two non-fiction books, both of which are constantly admired for their beautiful and elegant 'look and feel’. A vastly experienced and highly skilled designer, Natalie is a competent provider and adviser of all aspects of book production, is extremely patient, wise and calm and does everything with enormous grace and good humour.
A consumate professional for whom no deadline is too tight—rest assured you are in safe hands with Natalie..

Victoria Morgan and Melissa Kemble  Macquarie Dictionary

Macquarie Dictionary pride ourselves on our covers. Whether we need elegant Australiana or funky and modern, our go-to is always Natalie. In addition to working well to briefs, we have also had projects where we've given her free creative rein to develop a general concept. The professionalism, creative guidance and quick turnaround she brings to each project has been invaluable to us.

Mark Reiss Displays Direct, owner

Natalie is a professional.  She takes on the brief, works to a deadline, delivers excellent creative work and manages client relationships with aplomb.  I’ve worked with Natalie for several years now and envisage doing so for many more.